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Data Protection and Privacy Statement

1. Introduction:

This Data Protection and Privacy Statement discloses information in regards to Shanghai C.K. Washington Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd.’s (collectively “we” or “us”) Smart Test of English Proficiency (STEP Test) regarding collection, use and disclosure of information by the Teachers, Students, and Parents (collectively “Users”) through the application.

2. Collection of Personal Information:

In order for Users to use the testing application and to gain its full (pre and post) service and benefits, it is imperative that we collect and process personal data. Prior to accessing the application, Users may be asked to disclose the following information: name (Chinese/English), gender, date of birth, school/institution/class information, phone number, email address.

3. Processing Data:

The personal data that we collect is used to support and provide the best testing application and experience available for young English learners. The data collected is used to to support young English learners in attaining personal and individualized reporting following the assessment.

4. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties:

We will use reasonable measures not to disclose User’s information to any third parties, unless we are required to do so by law or any court order, unless the User (or subsequently, the User’s parents/guardians) consents to such disclosure. As it is an educational assessment tool, we may also share information with the User’s teacher, educator, and/or parent if necessary.

We also reserve the right to create Anonymous Information Records from the personal information provided by the User through excluding any information that we believe prevents it from being directly identified to a specific User. This may include any comments or feedback as well as assessment results for any reason we deem appropriate, such as marketing and training purposes.

5. Security:

The application and our computer systems have security measures in place with protecton against the loss of information and data produced by our Users.

6. Modifying/Removing Personal Information:

Users may change their registered details in any way or request that their personal data is removed from our systems by emailing gloriazhang@ckwashington.com.cn.

7. Comments and Questions:

Any comments, questions or concerns about our Data Protection Policy may be sent to us via email to: gloriazhang@ckwashington.com.cn.

8. Changes to the Statement:

We will notify registered Users of the changes to the Data Protection and Privacy Statement by displaying them on our website.